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My Jersey Collection

For this piece I wanted the clothing I wore for it to mean something. Over the years I grew older, grew out, and replaced my football jerseys, and each one meant something different to me as each one evolved. The first one shown is my jersey from JV football. It was my only jersey that I wore for over 1 season. It held amazing memories of very specific games through out my freshman and sophomore seasons, and holds the most tear, battle scars, and love than the rest. This jersey was also worn during my most successful season when we went 8-1. The next two is my junior year Varsity jerseys. This jersey has two sides, one navy and one columbia. Each year the senior class would design the uniforms, but because the class above us were uninspired. This lead to the coach making the decision to design them himself, and he didn’t do an awful job at it either, but we were also unsuccessful on the field because of there lackluster efforts. The reason I had two of these jerseys was because of my position change. I was a running back during JV, so instinctively I chose a running back number in 33. I was changed to an offensive lineman after the initial order, therefore I had to wear a number eligible for the line, and I chose 73. My senior year jersey I stuck with 73, and they were also designed by me. This was also the season that I couldn’t play all of it due to injury, therefore has the least battle scars, and holds a significant amount of sadness in it, yet also is one of my favorites. The last one is my All-Star uniform, which I was very fortunate to play in. I also got to play with six future teammates at Alfred.


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