My Field Guide

Object 1: The Thinker- This item is one of two sculptures presented in our living room. This is a scaled down replica of The Thinker. This is to represent my fathers job as a school guidance counselor.

Object 2: Beethoven – This item is the second of two sculptures presented in our living room. This is a bust depicting Beethoven the famous composer. This is to represent my mothers job as a middle school band teacher.

Object 3: The Rabbit- This object is a outside decoration once presented in my neighbors yard. It was one that me and my siblings would play with. When she passed we made sure to grab it for its memories

Object 4: The Village-This painting was made by my great grandfather depicting an early European village. His work and genes are responsible for my major.

Object 5: The Helmet- My senior year football helmet which is in my room. It was “borrowed” at the end of the season to keep my memories alive.

Object 6: The Pump!- The one thing that I can do during these times is lift in my dad’s basement weight room.

Object 7: The Hiding Hole- When you have two cats you must expect to see a cat tree or two!

Object 8: The Watch- My new watch was just inherited by me from my grandfather that just recently passed.

Object 9: The Flippity Switchero- The other thing I can do under quarantine is lots and lot of Pokèmon!

Object 10: The Hat- Its been years since I’ve fit into my favorite hat. My father bought it for me at a Syracuse lacrosse game that I will never forget.

Object 11: The Noise Canceller- The best way to get through these tough times is something to cancel the noise to get the work done.

Object 12: The tool- What I’m most excited about this block is that I can use my computer graphic skills!!

One Reply to “My Field Guide”

  1. Ben,
    Thank you for sharing some of your favorite and meaningful objects from your house! Quarentine is weird and difficult, but glad you have some space and time to lift in the basement, play games and work on some graphic skills. If you havent already, I would watch that whole Netflix series “Abstract” its all about design from different careers: graphic design, shoe design, interior design, etc. It might be inspiring during this strange time. I hope that you are also researching contemporary graphic designers, looking at things that excite you and pushing yourself in your computer-based knowledge! Didnt see your Art 21 video response on here. Those are also great, and short, little documentary series for some art-inspo!


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