Places and Characters

For this final group project, it only made sense to ride the hot hand, after all if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Therefore Shitstorm returned as a group again but this time adding another member.

My other group mates include:

Brenna Tuner

Izzy McClure

Joe Brady

and new comer Amanda Szatanek

For our public place we chose the courtyard at Harder. We chose this location because, its a little secluded and also a comfortable for all art students, not to mention the amount of weird things looming about.

Items that were found.

  • Bucket
  • weeds
  • cigarette butt
  • Pumpkin pieces 
  • ceramic pieces 
  • K cup 
  • stickers 
  • paper plate 
  • plastic fork 
  • dirt
  • tiles 
  • ice 
  • napkins
  • flowers
  • wood 
  • brick 
  • apple core 
  • spray paint 
  • ladder 
  • stool 
  • bench

I chose the sticker creating him into the titular character of Dr. Ethan Phelps.

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