Daily Practice Week 3- Drinking Water

Monday- As a normal Monday, I did not have football practice today, so finding my own water is tricky especially when the dorm water is gross tap, and I only had 5 bucks. So I went with the next best thing. My friend just that weekend before made me really mad, after he made me walk from Canyon to Openhym after he promised me he would drive me. Instead I had to take the 15 minute walk in the Wind Advisory. Knowing that he was a germ-o-phob, I drank out of his gallon Wegmans water bottle. He was so grossed out he gave it to me.

Tuesday- I was able to drink water during practice today.

Wednesday- Drinking water during practice seemed extra difficult today. There was not a lot of water bottles, assuming it was because the athletic trainers where cold, so I went for the water horse, the automatic water machine. Unfortunately it was barely coming out because it was freezing.

Thursday- I was able to drink water during practice today and I finished my friends gallon.

Friday- I was able to drink water during practice today,

Saturday- Knowing that all my water was gone I had to do something. Between my 5 loads of laundry I fired up my slow filtering Brita. I filled up the gallon and the Brita.

Sunday- I finished the Brita in one day. Must of been from the stress the Buffalo Bills gave me.

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